Immediate dentures are dentures that are placed immediately after tooth extraction. Following the loss of a tooth, patients typically have to wait about 6 to 8 weeks for the healing process to finish before they can have a permanent replacement. However, immediate dentures allow patients to skip that waiting period.

Immediate dentures are removable, and only need to be worn until more permanent dentures can be put in place. Immediate dentures can be made of acrylic or a metal base. At Summit Denture Clinic, they are custom designed to fit a patient’s mouth and are made ahead of time so that they can be placed immediately after a tooth is extracted. Immediate dentures can be cleaned, maintained, and repaired just like more permanent dentures.

How Are Immediate Dentures Made?

Immediate dentures are made in advance using impressions of your mouth. The dental lab uses the impressions to craft the dentures, which are ready by the time of your extraction appointment for your remaining teeth. Patients are given an anesthetic to numb the extraction site. Immediate dentures are inserted to hold the gums in their new position. Immediate dentures don’t have any metal clasps or wires to hold them in place. Instead, they snap into place using suction. You might feel some discomfort and pressure at first. However, your mouth will get used to the dentures over time.

What Are Immediate Dentures Used For?

Immediate dentures are fabricated before tooth extraction. They are designed to be comfortable and functional while the mouth heals. Immediate dentures provide many benefits, including:

  • A speedy recovery process
  • Reduced risk of bone shrinkage
  • Ability to chew and speak normally
  • The ability to eat any foods
  • Aesthetic benefits

Following tooth extraction, your immediate dentures will be carefully placed in your mouth. A specialized dental adhesive will be used to keep them in place while you heal.

The Benefits of Immediate Dentures

One of the biggest benefits of immediate dentures is the elimination of the embarrassment of missing teeth. Additionally, the patient can chew and speak normally. Finally, since the dentures are placed immediately, the patient does not have to go through the process of having the teeth extracted and waiting for the gums to heal before having the dentures placed.

Your new smile will look and feel natural because it will fill in your existing gum tissue and facial contours. This restoration method will also prevent your facial muscles from sagging, which can cause premature wrinkles.

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