At Summit Denture Clinic, digital impressions are a mold of your teeth that are taken using special equipment. A digital impression is similar to a traditional impression taken in a patient’s mouth by using trays to bite down on. The major difference is that the digital impression is taken digitally with a intraoral camera, which eliminates the need for those messy, uncomfortable impression trays. 

When Is a Digital Impression Used?

Digital impressions are used to make casts for a variety of dental appliances. Custom mouthguards, nightguards, and aligners are all made from casts. Impressions for dentures are also made from digital scans.

What Materials Are Used to Take a Digital Impression?

The digital impression is made using specialized hardware and software that can capture images of your mouth that are used to create a replica of your teeth and gums. The replica is then used to create a digital model of your mouth that is used by your Denturist to design your dental prostheic.

The Benefits of a Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions Are More Comfortable

Digital impressions are much more comfortable than traditional impression material. The material sticks to your teeth and gums, which can be uncomfortable and cause pain. Digital impressions are more comfortable and are taken in a similar time frame.

The digital impression is also much more accurate. This means that you won’t have to make as many adjustments to get the smile and fit just right.

Digital Impressions Don't Require Gooey Impression Materials

Digital impressions don’t require your denturist to use impression materials in your mouth. Instead, your denturist simply takes digital scans of your mouth. The scans are sent to an in-office 3d pinting machine, which creates your dental prosthesis.

Digital Impressions Allow For Faster Dental Appointments

Impressions are molds of the teeth that dentists use when crafting restorations like crowns and bridges. Previously, denturists would make an impression by using dental impression material or paste. This material would harden and mold the teeth and gums. It would then be sent to a laboratory to create the restoration.

Thanks to digital impressions, patients can get impressions created on the same day. The dentist takes images of the teeth with a specialized camera. These images are then sent to a laboratory that can quickly create restorations.

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