Welcome to Summit Denture Clinic in Abbotsford. A registered Denturist, Ajay has been working in Abbotsford for many years, helping people in the Fraser Valley restore their confidence in their smiles.

Invested In The Latest Technology

We know what its like to walk into a place and wonder when the last time a light bulb was replaced. You’ll never have to feel that way at Summit Denture. Not only do we regularly upgrade our equipment, but we also stay on top of learning the newest and most innovative techniques. You can be sure you are receiving the best in dental care.

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Ajay Vig is an Abbotsford Denturist who truly enjoys working with people. Well-made dentures can be life-changing. Dentures restore smiles, confidence and the ability to properly chew again after tooth loss. Ajay began his dental career in 2008. This change in vocation sparked a passion within him. Creating a desire to return to school to fulfill his need for helping people in a new capacity as a denturist. Ajay enjoys working with his hands. Using a multidisciplinary approach, he crafts detailed, fine dental appliances. Each piece unique and prepared to exacting specifications for the individual client. Ajay’s work results in beautiful smiles and happy clients. His warm, caring nature will quickly set you at ease and have you smiling in no time!

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"I will be eternally grateful to Aja for donating his knowledge,time & products in order for me to get very needed new teeth that i simply could not afford. They look so beautiful and it brings me to tears every time i look them knowing that Aja gave of himself through Archway Food Bank in order for this to happen. Aja and Elianna make you feel so welcome at Summit Dental i can assure you would not be disappointed for choosing them for any work you need done. Thank You Shelley Mason Abbotsford BC"

"The Summit Denture Clinic is first class! Aray and his wonderful staff treat everyone like family and you never feel rushed. Getting my 20 plus year old dentures replaced new was a great experience and they fit wonderfully. I highly recommend them for all denture needs."

"My entire experience with Summit Denture Clinic was nothing but positive from start to finish. Ajay's commitment to providing me the highest quality product, in a professional and caring manner, was evident from the very first appointment. 5 stars all the way!"

"I want to give the biggest kudos to Ajay Vig and Summit Denture Clinic for restoring my dear niece's beautiful smile and self confidence! You accorded her such respect and kindness throughout this process and the result has had a ripple affect amongst all who know and love her! Thank you, too, for making your services to her in creating her full set of dentures affordable to her when many seniors such as her find funds so tight. You have my utmost admiration and respect. After years of dental issues, her smile now is simply dazzling and she is just beaming with joy & appreciation for her new image, thanks to you!!"

"Summit Denture Clinic ROCKS… Tiffany greets people with a big smile…kind words and great customer service. Ajay Vig is the owner of Summit Denture Clinic HE IS PERFECT…need I say more. The respect he gave me at each visit made me cry from being so happy My new teeth are BEAUTIFUL"



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